Magic of herbs Benches, 2020

Relaxation 120 x 80 x 52 2020

Within the framework of the theme year “Witch Faith and Persecution in Marburg,” one of the art projects the Department of Culture in Marburg launched to present centuries-old knowledge on herbs’ healing powers. As a part of the project, six works from artists were selected and displayed on benches located around the city.

I designed and painted two benches with different concepts and plants. Under the theme of women’s oasis, my the second bench, relaxation, I designed a bench and a plant pot located in front of the Brüder-Grimm Stube in the historic old town. After drawing a tribal form of a meditating person, I painted the medical plants of lavender, poppy seeds, valerian, marshmallow, hawkweed, and borage in the background.

Tools: Acrylic, Brush and Wood Bench