Magic of herbs Benches, 2020

Women’s Oasis 180 x 80 x 52

Within the framework of the theme year “Witch Faith and Persecution in Marburg,” one of the art projects the Department of Culture in Marburg launched to present centuries-old knowledge on herbs’ healing powers. As a part of the project, six works from artists were selected and displayed on benches located around the city.

I designed and painted two benches with different concepts and plants. Under the theme of women’s oasis, my first bench in the old botanical garden includes the plants of Lady’s mantle, belladonna, chamomile, verbena, and milk thistle. Designing the bank in the uterus’s shape, I applied the following three medical plants in the symmetric form: belladonna, verbena, and milk thistle.

Tools: Acrylic, Brush and Wood Bench